The biggest reason is the rate at which you save money. There are plenty of people that earn very good money at home, but end up spending it all every year. People living in New York City or Honolulu or Washington DC commonly need to make 6 figures just to make ends meet.

When you go overseas you will earn six figures, but more importantly you will have extremely low living costs. As such, you will probably end up saving 75%-90% of what you make. This is the fastest and easiest sure-fire way to build a life of freedom that we know of; pay off the credit cards, pay off the car, pay off the house, and then return to your life debt free and experience real freedom.

No. While there is inherent risk in working somewhere like Iraq or Afghanistan, there are also many support positions in places like Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and The UAE. Working in those countries as an expat is typically no more dangerous than working in any major city in The US.

How long is a piece of string? It can be quick sometimes—as in just a few weeks, if you are prepared to leave quickly. Or the process may take a few months or more. It really depends on the amount of effort you’re putting into the search, your background and qualifications, and how picky you are in terms of location and starting pay.

I had no one helping me and this course didn’t exist, so it took me 5 months to get my first six figure overseas job. With us, your learning curve will be much quicker.

While there are a few online sites that supposedly tell you where to look for overseas jobs, often when you look at their hypothetical list, most of the companies have merged or gone out of business or stopped doing overseas contracts all together.

We not only help with where to look for jobs without wasting your time chasing dead end leads, we also teach you about every step of the process. This includes: how to structure your resume; how to find and apply for the jobs in a way that maximizes your chance of getting an interview; how to nail the interview; how much money to ask for; and what to expect in terms of living and working conditions at the various common overseas locations.

Your satisfaction with what you learn is 100% guaranteed. Due to the wide range of positions needed, we cannot in good faith guarantee every single position will offer a six figure income. Nor can we guarantee that you will personally secure a six figure job. There are many variables that are beyond our control that will factor into each person’s ability to land an overseas job, such as their background, their education, their skill set, how their resume is designed and worded, and finally how well they interview. What we do offer is a world class program to educate you on how the overseas contractor industry works, approximately how much you should be earning and tactics to tip the odds in your favor. We are not an employment service and nor are we affiliated with any particular employers. Therefore we provide completely impartial advice in teaching you everything you need to know to give you the best chance for success.

While the amount of Dept of Defense contractors has been greatly reduced, as of 2017 there are still over 25,000 positions in the region when Dept of State contractors are included. Then factor in all the purely commercial, non-DoD or -DoS activities and that number jumps to 35,000 positions. Most people only work these jobs for a year or two (that’s all they need!). This means there’s constant turnover and openings. That means there’s still quite a lot of opportunities over there.

The main difficulty is that there is so much misleading and conflicting information out there on the topic. Some people think it means you need to be an ex-Navy SEAL and you’re going to creep around at night kicking in doors. Other people think you have to know somebody to get your foot in the door. Neither of these are true. The problem is cutting through all the misperceptions and BS. Our mission is to cut through this garbage, streamline the process, and help our brothers get the best paying overseas jobs possible.

Don’t get bogged down by misinformation. Allow us, men who have been there and spent years refining our tactics, to help guide you through the process.